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This page has been defiled on occurances



Hi, my name is Keith and I am an atheist. In case you don't know, an 
atheist is someone who doesn't believe in any form of deity whatsoever.

A little about myself:  My name is Keith and I live in Lake Mary, Florida.
I am currently 16 years old, and already I have a very negative attitude
towards life.  I am depressed all the time, but don't try to give me 
A bunch of crap about being depressed because I don't have god in my life,
because I was even more depressed when I was a christian.  I have A sister
and two parents (all 3 of whom are xian), and my household is in a constant
state of war.  I am a VEGETARIAN.  The reason for this is simple.  I believe 
it is wrong to murder animals just so someone can shove a hamburger in their 
fat face.  If you don't agree with this point of view, feel free to e-mail me
and I will promptly delete your message.  A message to any snake handling, bible
thumping, holier than thou xians reading this page: I do not fear hell,
Because it is my belief that I am already there.  NO place could be more
screwed up than the world I exist in now, a world full of backwards views,
disfunctional families, war, murder, disease, and worst of all...xians like you!
If anyone was offended by anything written here, feel free to e-mail me so I 
can mailbomb you back.  

If you would like to talk to me, you can usually catch me on IRC, Dalnet's #ATHEISM
I am not an op there, but I am a regular visitor to the channel, and MOST
of the people there think I'm ok.

-If you visit Dalnet, here are some people to watch out for:

VICKSTER: In my opinion, vickster is the biggest asshole on dalnet.  He got married,
          and he was such an ass that his marriage lasted only 10 days..and i am not
          surprised in the least...he is a power hungry moron who has made it his life
          goal to get ops in #atheism...and the funny thing is..he'll never get them..everyone 
          hates him including ME, and vickster: go fuck a rattlesnake with your half-an-inch dick!!

RadKen: This guy is a real loser.  He permanently banned me from an xian room
        just because I said something negative about cheerleaders...come on!
        Cheerleaders suck!! everyone knows that!!

Theta:  This loser has not debated once.  All he does is give you the 
        Run-Around using big words he looked up in Dictionaries to make
        himself LOOK smart.

H8_Breeder:  This pathetic excuse for a human being is a disgusting racist
             prick.  He comes into BOTH channels that I regurlarly go to
             And floods them.  I don't know much about him...only that 
             he is a complete moron who has nothing better to do than
             go onto the computer and talk to his racist loser friends.

-Dalnet isn't ALL that bad, here are some of my friends :)

MEROPE: merope is awesome!  A freethinker and A good friend of mine.  
        She is a teacher, so she doesn't take any crap!  Her no-nonsense
        attitude is one of her best qualities, and her continual 
        support for me is one of the reasons i like her so much.

SKEPTIQUE: skeptique is the best.  I saw her picture, she is HOT!! she 
           is so cool because even though she is 10 times smarter than
           me, she still talks to me as an equal...believe me, you would
           pay money to see her obliterate xians in debate!

NINGIRL (_daisy_): She is another friend of mine.  I like her alot.
                   What draws me to her is our interest in literature.
                   I REALLY started liking her when I found out that we 
                   had the same favorite book, "Catcher in the Rye"

Prozacula:  The name says it all doesn't it? Prozacula is brilliant. I 
            love her constant negative attitude and I love her running
            commentary on life.  She should write a book.  One of the first
            close friends I made on irc, and if she lived here in florida,
            I would probably be stalking her...(in a sweet way of course)

Rook: The founder of #teen_atheist_chat, he is a cool guy.  He knows alot about 
      computers. rook is a good friend to have, but DON'T get on his bad side...he
      will make you wish you had kept your mouth shut! 

Stayn:  Raine's brother, in fact, i met her through him!  He was really the first 
        person I met on irc, and although we don't talk as much anymore, we still 
        keep in touch, he is very much into poetry, and like me, writes poems 
        on a daily basis.

Rashe:  Rashe lives down the street from me, and is probably my best friend here 
        in Florida.  A nice guy in real life....but don't expect much out of him
        here on irc....he uses irc as his "playground" to cause trouble and be annoying..
        I have banned him from my channel, #kkk_SUCKS, on numerous occasions.

Appleslice:  Appleslice is my ircMOM.  I knew I had found someone special when
             she spent over 3 hours helping me upgrade my irc and get popups working.
             (these were back in my newbie days).  She ALWAYS has a positive attitude,
             and I admit, I need some positive influence in my life.  She is always 
             there for me, and I really consider her to be a second mother to me.

Citychick:  Citychick is another friend I met from a poetry room.  A good friend and
            A beautiful person.  I made a big mistake once, and we almost lost each 
            other, and because of that, we have grown even closer.  She sent me a 
            picture of herself in the mail and she is beautiful!!!  Every one of her 
            poems is a work of art, and I am sure she is on her way to publication.

stargazer- #atheism op, really cool guy  
Starfan- starfan is awesome!! only one from irc that i have met in person
Raine^- a good friend..haven't seen her in a long time, and i miss her

-There are many more...but unfortunately I ran out of room...
 If your name was not mentioned...and you are actually upset about it,
 Tell me and I will try to correct it...of shouldn't get
 to the point of suicide just because Keith didn't put your name on his 
 webpage...actually...nevermind...just deal with it, your name isn't here!
 (unless you are an actual friend and i forgot to put you here)


United States